Great Lakes RISA team announces 12 small grants to fund local climate adaptation projects

  • 12 September 2019

The Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA), a CPO RISA team, is proud to announce the 12 winners of its 2019 small grants competition. GLISA is awarding $20,000 each to organizations to partner with them to address the risks of climate variability and change in the Great Lakes region. Grantees will engage directly with decision makers from a diverse range of sectors and communities to implement climate adaptation projects in the Great Lakes using GLISA’s existing climate information services. Grantees include nonprofits, state agencies, and universities. The projects will benefit local decision makers, including but not limited to, public health professionals, a Minnesota Indigenous community, farmers and the agricultural supply chain, rural Michigan communities, Chicago's Calumet Connect partners, the real estate and tourism industries, the cities of Duluth and Erie, the region of Durham (Ontario), and the private sector. Funded one-year projects are a partnership between GLISA and the grantee and will start in two phases: 7 in fall 2019 and 5 in spring 2020.

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